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Table View Cooking Course: Little Cooks Club

Table View Cooking CourseTo a parent, their children are the most important thing in the world! There is no parent that wouldn’t do anything to ensure the happiness of their children and to be able to do that we have to provide for them what they need as well as a little extra, just to make their smiles a little brighter. Have you ever considered the Table View cooking course offered by the Little Cooks Club for your child?

For children the world is a mysterious place and they still need to learn so much about it. Allowing your kids to do a cooking course at a young age (like the one offered by Little Cooks Club in Table View) is also a winning idea to get them into a lifelong habit of exploring the world around them and building an intimate surrounding with the environment that they are in.

Table View Cooking CourseThe winning combination originally came to life in Johannesburg in 2006, teaching children from as young as 2 years old the exceptional skills of the culinary arts. The course offered by Little Cooks Club in Table View is an initiative that will make cooking fun for youngsters, give them a proper understanding of the ingredients and most of all they will be excited to enjoy the meals that they have created themselves.

Why is this so good you might ask? The Little Cooks Club teaches children how to prepare delicious food that is also high in all the essential nutrients that growing bodies need. Skills learned here will be used for the rest of their lives but there are still many other benefits to the cooking course that most people overlook.

Firstly, there is correct language that a young child will learn – all the correct words about what goes on in and around the kitchen. The course may even foster a deep love for mathematics or chemistry early in life when he/she comes into contact with the different measuring units and how it all works and fits together. You might even be awakening a little Einstein when they are shown how the ingredients affect each other. The Table View classes are presented in a group format where children and one of their parents can learn to cook together and so build on their relationship and other general social skills.

Table View Cooking CourseThe Table View club is run by paediatric dietician Katherine Megaw using puppets, characters and stories to teach children about good eating habits and nutrition.

For more information on the Table View cooking course for children, contact Katherine on (021) 554 4959 or visit the Little Cooks Club website by clicking here…

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