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Shelanti Private School

Parklands Schools:

Parklands Schools: Shelanti Private SchoolWhile there are several good Parklands schools, Shelanti Private School is an independent remedial school, the only one of its kind in Blouberg.

Shelanti translates as: “I wish for you what I wish for myself” and their motto is “insight, courage and faith”. Here they strive to develop an environment of discipline, respect and belonging, teaching children responsibility so that they will in turn not only take ownership of their school work, but also of their behaviour outside of the school.

The school opened its doors in July 2008 and is privately owned. They understand that students are all individuals and need to be educated with this in mind. To ensure that their curriculum is accessible to all students, they will adapt it to suit individuals. This means that you will often find teachers at the school being actively involved with students, even on the playground, skipping and doing their times tables.

Parklands Schools: Shelanti Private SchoolLearners at the school look forward to drama, computer classes, art and drumming as a regular part of their day. With teachers challenging students to fulfil their academic potentials, they regularly achieve top positions in the Annual National Assessments, Living Maths Olympiads and Conquesta Olympiads every year.

The highly qualified, experience staff members are compassionate and specially trained in learning difficulties, applying a multi-sensory approach to learning, where they recognise different learning styles.

Shelanti also offers specialist academic support including:

  • Regular parent workshops
  • 6 week Perceptual Program for grade 1 learners
  • Brain Gym exercises for grade 1
  • Brain profiling for Intermediate Phase Learners
  • Identifying brain profiles and promoting whole brain thinking
  • And much more…

Parklands Schools: Shelanti Private SchoolThe school utilises a positive discipline system that focuses on solutions. They have an ongoing recognition program as well as quarterly prize-givings. They offer mentorship and leadership programs to help build character and integrity.

Shelanti offers an integrated visual art program that includes an annual art exhibition. They also have an annual school production and prize-giving. They also celebrate various events including Spring Day, Water Week, Arbour Week, etc., as well as days such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, etc.

Extra mural activities include Physical Education by a professional coach. Other sports are all organised by Sportswise. Music, dance and drama are taught holistically, as a part of the curriculum. Learners are also taught basic computer skills (Computer 4 Kids), as well as basic MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint.

Extra tutors and aftercare is also available.

Parklands Schools: Shelanti Private School

For more information on Shelanti call (021) 557 3484 or send an e-mail to You can also click here to visit their website – certainly one of the most holistic Parklands schools!

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