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The Perfect Outdoor Chill-Out Area

Creating A Private Retreat On Your Bloubergstrand Property

Anybody owning Bloubergstrand property will certainly understand wanting to stay home and enjoy beautiful summer days from the comfort of their own home.

Even a small area on your property can be transformed into a blissful retreat where family and friends can relax and enjoy spectacular Blouberg sunsets with a sun downer or three…

Location, Location, Location:

Choose a quiet, sheltered corner of your garden to create your little haven. Even those living in apartments can create a beautiful outdoor space on their balcony.

Creating A Private Retreat On Bloubergstrand PropertyFurnish it with a table and chairs to suit the size of the space, as well as your personal taste. Add a flowering pot plant (or a blueberry or strawberry plant with fruit that can be picked and eaten right there).

Choose a spot under a shady tree and out of the wind. Make sure that it either has a lawn or some other surface that will be comfortable to walk on barefoot.

Surround the space with your favourite fragrant plants. If the area is paved, introduce eye-catching pots with scented plants.

To create the illusion of cool during our hot summers, use plants with flowers in hues of blue, purple, white and even light pink like agapanthus, roses, foxgloves, hydrangeas and jasmine. Cherry scented heliotrope has beautiful blue/purple blooms for longer periods.

Creepers like wisteria look great over pergolas, providing much needed shade in summer yet still allowing some sun through in winter.


Use a trellis or lattice to create some privacy. They still allow a breeze to come through, but shelter out the worst of the wind and with a Creating A Private Retreat On Bloubergstrand Propertyfragrant creeper like jasmine growing over it, this will soon become your favourite spot on the property.

Another idea is to create a row of potted trees with large leave that will eventually grow into a foliage wall. A 1 metre tall viburnum sinensis will double in height in a year.

To create a temporary private space for a special occasion, hang sheer white curtains from a timber frame for a romantic setting.

If you do have solid walls sheltering your outdoor space, use a creeper to conceal them so that the concrete is practically invisible.


Creating A Private Retreat On Bloubergstrand PropertyIf you’re creating an outdoor space for a one-off occasion, simply place a large throw or rug on the lawn and add some light furniture like low table, oversized cushions and ottomans. Ottomans can also be used as side table on the patio.

Long leisurely summer days always bring hammocks to mind. These are great to have in the garden with a side table nearby for drinks or snacks. If you don’t have a large enough tree in the garden, look out for a hammock stand.

Wrought iron or lighter aluminium garden furniture are great as they’re very low maintenance.

Finishing Touches:

If you don’t live near enough to the beach in Bloubergstrand to actually hear the waves, then adding a water feature can be very relaxing. It Creating A Private Retreat On Bloubergstrand Propertyneedn’t be a full-sized custom built one; it can also be a small DIY pot water feature or even a table top one.

Lighting will also add to the ambience. On a beautiful summer night, light up the area with oil lamps and candle lanterns. Citronella candles will keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Solar fairy lights hanging in nearby branches also look enchanting; just put the solar panels into a sunny spot in the garden.

Invite the birds into your garden too. Add a birdbath and birdfeeders to your garden and allow the birds to entertain you and relax you with their songs.

Wind chimes are another way to add calming sounds to your outdoor space, but remember to hang them where only a small breeze will get to them and not the full force of Blouberg’s south-easter.

Share your tips for creating the perfect outdoor haven on Bloubergstrand property by commenting below…

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