Maximizing Space in Small Homes

Décor Tips for Blouberg Properties:

While many of us dream of owning a large home with perfectly manicured lawns overlooking the ocean, the reality is that many young homeowners are investing in smaller Blouberg properties.

This makes a lot of sense with people becoming more aware of their carbon footprints and with the cost of larger properties being beyond the reach of many first time home buyers in Blouberg. Also, smaller properties also make very good investments to rent out.

But of course, if you’re living in a smaller home or apartment, you may still have the glorious view of the sea but find that the space is cramped and don’t want to invite friends over to enjoy the view because of the clutter.

We’ve decided to share some tricks with you to make your home seem bigger than it is and to keep the small living space free flowing.


  • Maximizing Space on Small Blouberg PropertiesKeep the space as open plan as possible by breaking down unnecessary wall to create a feeling of more space.
  • When you’re building a new home in Blouberg, opt for high ceilings. This can eventually be used for vertical storage but also opens up the area and gives a feeling of freedom.
  • Install sliding or folding doors wherever possible. These take up less space acting as room dividers so that you can open up or divide the space as necessary.
  • Use transparent materials to block of any spaces. For example, use a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain. Although the area is block off, it still gives the illusion of space.
  • Try to use the same flooring throughout the home. This helps the spaces flow into each other and makes them seem larger.

Outdoor Spaces:

Maximizing Space on Small Blouberg PropertiesMost smaller properties in Blouberg come with some kind of outdoor living space. This can be a small garden, patio or balcony.

Make the most of your outdoor space by incorporating some of the indoors outside. If you have a covered patio or balcony, turn it into a study or put up a flat screen TV to turn it into a TV room.

Patios and balconies make wonderful sun rooms on smaller properties with a garden at your fingertips.


Maximizing Space on Small Blouberg PropertiesDarker homes look smaller so if you don’t have many windows on your property you may consider installing large windows to let in the light.

Of course, being a small property to start with, you may need the wall space. Another alternative is having skylights installed to add light and character to your home.

In dark kitchens, fit under-cabinet lighting to light up dark countertops.


This is usually one of the biggest problems on smaller properties, but there are ways to combat this.

  • Built-in storage units are designed to be space-saving as they’ve. When choosing built-in units, opt for ones that go all the way up to the ceiling.
  • Create a study that caters to all your hobbies. For example, choose a sewing machine that folds away into a table which can then be used as a workstation for other hobbies and use the bookshelf to store other items that go along with your hobbies. Make sure chairs fit under tables to be stowed out of the way.
  • Maximizing Space on Small Blouberg PropertiesUnused wall space is another way to save space and not just for mounting a flat screen TV. Consider mounting pots and pans in the kitchen if you don’t have enough cabinet space. Even bedside lamps can be mounted on the wall if you don’t have room for a bedside table.
  • Built-in rubbish bins in the kitchen also save floor space, look cleaner and are more hygienic.
  • When you’re shopping for new furniture like ottomans and beds, look for items with secret storage compartments. These are ideals for storing linen and other items that aren’t used all that often.


  • Use lots of reflective surfaces like glass and mirrors to create the illusion of space. Silver and crystal ornaments make rooms appear large than they are.
  • Maximizing Space on Small Blouberg PropertiesUse colours that are similar in tone. This will create a tranquil atmosphere as well as enlarging the space. Contrasting colours interrupt the flow. Light neutral colours make a room seem larger.
  • Choose furniture that can multitask, such as a sleeper couch or an ottoman that doubles up as seating or a table. Opt for larger lower items as opposed to several small items which may look cluttered.
  • Make use of window sills as storage but remember to only store oils or spices on your kitchen window sill if they are in dark glass containers or else they may spoil.
  • Hang a wire mesh basket from your kitchen’s ceiling to hold your fruit or veggies.

Making the most of your space on smaller Blouberg properties is not as difficult as you may have thought. Feel free to share any of your space saving tips by commenting below…

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