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7 Quick Kitchen Updates for Blouberg Properties

Kitchen Updates for Blouberg PropertiesWith the worst of the cold weather over, many of us are looking for ways to spruce up Blouberg properties without having to spend a lot of money. Investing a little time and effort in your kitchen can make the world of difference and even increase the value of your home somewhat.

Here are 7 weekend projects to revamp your kitchen:


A fresh coat of paint is a really easy way to make any property look like new again. Painting the walls is a wonderful way to update it, but even better, why not paint the cupboards? They are prone to a lot of wear and tear and repainting them can make them look like new again. You can even try a whole new colour palette this way.

Have a look at this video tutorial:

Cupboard Door Handles:

If your cupboards don’t need a coat of paint, consider replacing just the door handles. They can have a dramatic effect on the look of your kitchen and you will find a wide range of beautiful stainless steel and brushed metal handles available at most hardware stores. Remember to maintain your theme (whether it is rustic, country, vintage, modern, etc.) and choose door handles that complement the rest of your kitchen.

Kitchen Updates for Blouberg PropertiesLighting:

Still using the same old pendant lightshade in your kitchen from when you first moved in? You’d be surprised how much changing this one small feature can impact the look and feel of the kitchen – and it needn’t be expensive either. Find a lightshade to suit the type of kitchen you have. For example, an industrial metal lightshade in an ultra-modern kitchen looks spectacular.


There’s no such thing as enough storage space in any kitchen, so a few extra well-placed shelves will help to cut down on clutter.

But before you even buy them, check to make sure that there are no concealed pipes and wires where you want to fit them. Decide exactly what you’d like to display on the shelves (unusual crockery, photos, vintage appliances) to help you figure out the number of shelves you will need, as well as their size and style.

Kitchen Updates for Blouberg PropertiesDisplays:

Don’t let any unused space go to waste, including wall space. Display your most attractive kitchen tools and other objects by suspending them from the ceiling or from the same stainless steel wall systems that professional chefs use.

A clever budget option would be to use a mounted metal rod with steel s-hooks for spoons, ladles, pots and other utensils.


Fix any wobbly stools or replace them completely. You can even use 2 different colour options in the same style for more impact.

Kitchen Updates for Blouberg PropertiesPlants:

Instead of having just a pretty plant in the window to add some greenery, why not grow kitchen herbs?

These needn’t be very big, just enough to add some colour and scent. Plant them in pots where they will get plenty of sun, water properly and they will thrive.

This way you will always have fresh herbs available without having to buy.

How have you updated your kitchen recently? Share your DIY tips for Blouberg properties with us by commenting below…

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