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Creating a Home Office

Working from Home on your Bloubergstrand Property

Working from Home on your Bloubergstrand PropertyWhile many of us may think that working from home is all about working in your pyjamas, playing your favourite music, enjoying the view of Table Mountain from your Bloubergstrand property and not having anyone around to look over your shoulder. The reality is very different and in order to be able to focus and get your work done, your workspace needs to be geared up to motivate you.

Some people working from home are lucky enough to have a whole room on their property available to convert into a home office, while many of us have to make do with a corner of the bedroom or part of the wall in the lounge. Whatever the case may be, you need to do some careful planning to ensure you’re the décor is both functional yet also complementary to the interior of your home.

Office Space

Before deciding where exactly your office will be, you will need to keep a few important factors in mind, like heat and light. It’s not a good idea to set up a computer in a very hot part of the room – you won’t be Working from Home on your Bloubergstrand Propertyable to concentrate and the heat may eventually damage it. You will also want to avoid positioning your monitor with the sun behind it or with the glare from the sun reflecting directly on it. Both situations make it very difficult to see. If this can’t be avoided, consider fitting block out roller blinds or even Venetian blinds to either block or filter the amount of light.

Demarcate Your Office

This is very important when you work in the same room that you relax in to help you consciously differentiate between work mode and rest mode, even if it’s just a small space.

This becomes even more important when you live with others who need to understand that your office area is where you work. Family or housemates need to realize that you still need to be as productive as Working from Home on your Bloubergstrand Propertypossible during office hours and that all the office equipment is for your office use alone.

Keep It Tidy

Choose a simple office layout and keep it clean and uncluttered. Only have the necessary items out in the open. A tidy office will help keep things organized and of course, keeps the rest of your home looking tidier too.

Take Time Out

Very often, when we’re very busy, we don’t bother to take a break, let alone leave the house. It is important to take a lunch break, go outside and interact with other people. If you don’t have time to enjoy a coffee out, just a quick walk around the block will help give you that breath of fresh Bloubergstrand air. This helps to boost concentration as well as creativity.

Working from Home on your Bloubergstrand PropertyCreate Rules

Think about what you would or wouldn’t in your office if you didn’t work at home. For instance, would you eat at your desk? Would you make non-related work calls? Would you watch videos on You-Tube?

Whatever your rules would be at an office away from home, try to enforce them in your home office. While you may be avoiding traffic jams, remember that nobody is there to make sure your work is getting done.

Watch this short video for more ideas to create your own home office:

Do you have a home office on your Bloubergstrand property? Share your tips with us by commenting below…

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