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Keep the Fire Burning this Winter

Tips for Property in Bloubergstrand

Although we may still be enjoying some sunny days, winter is definitely on its way. If you have a fireplace on your property in Bloubergstrand, I’m sure you will have already stocked up on firewood. There’s nothing like sitting around the fire (whether it’s a Jetmaster fireplace, cosy built-in fireplace or even a wood stove) sipping hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows.

Keep the Fire Burning on Property in Bloubergstrand this WinterFireplaces were designed as architectural features in many Bloubergstrand homes, so allow yours to become a focal point all year round. When you’re not lighting a fire in summer, use it to display flower or collectibles.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your home but are considering having one built or installed, read this article first.

Your first decision would be whether to go for an open or closed fireplace. If you already have a chimney in your house, then you’ll most likely choose an open fireplace.

Closed fireplaces do have the advantage of being more heat-efficient than open fireplaces which lose a lot of heat through the chimney. They also offer more control than open fireplaces.

But of course, in the end, it’s your own personal preference and style that will decide which route you choose.

Installing New Fireplaces:

Keep the Fire Burning on Property in Bloubergstrand this WinterWhile many homes in Blouberg already have a traditional built-in fireplace, many newer homes do not. Although it would be quite a big project to have a new fireplace installed, it can certainly be done. It would, of course, require some designing and building on your property.

A better idea is to have a “Jetmaster” type fireplace or even a Mexican style fire-pot (depending on your décor) with a metal flue installed. These are far more cost-effective and customizable.

Renovating Old Fireplaces:

Property in BloubergstrandInstead of wasting a perfectly good but outdated fireplace, consider giving it a facelift so that it will complement your décor. Just make sure that all the materials you use for the renovation are heat-proof.

Maintaining Fireplaces:

Wood burning fireplaces do get messy but with regular cleaning and maintenance, it won’t become too tiresome.

Before you start using it regularly in winter, make sure your chimney is regularly inspected and cleaned.

Keep the Fire Burning on Property in Bloubergstrand this WinterCheck that your chimney cap is in good repair (or install one if you don’t have) so that it will keep small animals and debris out. Replace if necessary.

A quick check to see that your chimney is clear is to light a match or incense stick and hold it in the fireplace. If the smoke is sucked up immediately, everything should be fine. If not, you need to have it checked.

Try to source hardwoods to burn as they burn hotter for longer and have less sap (which causes creosote build-up), making them cleaner to handle.

Clean out excess ash regularly. Sprinkle it on your flower beds as ash and creosote supply several nutrients to plants.

If you don’t use your fireplace, maybe install some shelves and turn it into a modified book case or storage space for your wine collection.

There are several other options available for those who don’t want a fireplace. If you have pets or children that you worry may burn themselves, you can always op for gas fireplaces, heaters or even underfloor heating in your home.

How do you heat your property in Bloubergstrand? Feel free to share your fireplace stories with us by commenting below…

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