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The Sinai Academy

Blouberg School for the Best of Traditional, Jewish and Montessori Education

Blouberg School: The Sinai AcademyThis wonderful Blouberg school is a member of SAMA (South Africa Montessori Association) and is also an affiliate of CECE (Chabad Early Childhood Education) network and the international Chabad Lubavitch movement (dedicated to spreading the wonders of Judaism throughout the world in a non-judgemental way).

The Sinai Academy creates a happy and healthy environment for children to grow cognitively, emotionally and physically by combining the best of Montessori, Jewish and Child Centred methods of education in a professional and caring way.

This traditional school strives to pass on a love and understanding of the Jewish religion and culture. Ivrit-Hebrew language is therefore used in both formal and informal instruction, becoming part of their daily routine.

Blouberg School: The Sinai AcademyBecause children develop at different rates, the teachers at the Sinai Academy are sensitive to the range of abilities and developmental levels in the age group, offering creative activities to fit the development continuum of the learners. This is the age when the seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity and caring are planted for intense social, academic and personal growth.

Teachers guide the children and encourage active learning, problem-solving, creating friendships and the exploration of their expanding world on an individual level. Here, Jewish values are modelled and Hebrew is introduced through songs and games.

To encourage the child’s work-creative play, the curriculum includes both structured and unstructured activities so that every day offers art, music, stories, language and exploration. Classrooms are well fitted-out with preschool furnishings (many of which are imported). The playground is spaciously designed, equipped with special outdoor equipment.

Blouberg School: The Sinai AcademyEach class is taught by a highly qualified Core teacher-directress, a Jewish studies teacher and a co-teacher. Toddlers also have an extra teacher’s assistant. Extracurricular activities include art, life skills, music, conversational Xhosa, gross motor/sport/gym and more.

Other activities include show and tell, music and rhythms, arts and crafts, Hebrew language and Shabbat host/hostess.

Visit the Sinai Academy’s website directly by clicking here…

To find out more about this unique Blouberg school, call (021) 557 7560.

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