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Sunningdale Primary School

New Blouberg School in Sunningdale:

Blouberg School: Sunningdale Primary SchoolEstablished in 2012, Sunningdale Primary School opened its doors for the first time in January 2013 and currently caters for Grades R to 3, as well as providing an aftercare facility for learners. The new Blouberg school is situated in Tryall Road in Sunningdale and will expand to cater for further grades in 2014.

Sunningdale Primary School is an English medium, Christian based school working in partnership with educational institutes to provide learners with a progressively high education.

The school’s open day on 13 January 2013 allowed learners to meet their new teachers in the brand new classrooms before the first day of school on the 16th of January.

Blouberg School: Sunningdale Primary SchoolThe school’s badge was revealed for the first time on 29 January 2013 at a parent teacher meeting. The sun symbolises glory and brilliance while the anchor is a symbol of hope. Their motto – Believe and Achieve” – captures their vision for the school.

The school strives to create a place for learners, staff and parents to pursue their dream and talents to reach their full potential. They also strive to create a place that identifies with diversity and unity while giving learners the necessary morals, beliefs and values to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Blouberg School: Sunningdale Primary SchoolThe Sunningdale campus in Blouberg is multicultural and values culture, uniqueness and difference. Sunningdale Primary School endeavours to provide a creative and innovative learning environment for young minds by being at the head of new developments in the education field.

Here they allow learners to be creative according to their own unique abilities therefore establishing understanding and respect for each other.

For more information on this new Blouberg school in Sunningdale, contact (021) 554 2990 or send an e-mail to To keep up to date with their events, like their Facebook page here or go directly to their website by clicking here…

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