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Securing Your Blouberg Property

Security gates, electrical fencing, burglar bars and burglar alarms are all pretty standard security measures on any Blouberg property these days. You would think that it would be almost impossible for any criminals to get in, but somehow, the determined criminal still seems to get through these barriers. Here are a few ways to outsmart burglars on your Blouberg property… If a burglar wants to get into your home, he is going to get in no matter what measures you take to prevent it. With economic uncertainty all over the…

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Join The Table View Neighbourhood Watch

Table View has decided to join the ranks of several successful Neighbourhood Watch groups throughout the world. Be part of the solution in reducing crime in your area and join your neighbours in becoming members of Table View Watch. In its broadest perspective, the Table View Watch program will bring together regional law enforcement, city officials and the residents of the neighbourhood in a working relationship to lower the occurrence of crime and criminal behaviour in Table View. These crimes threaten every member of every single area and the most…

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