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Keep your Blouberg Property Healthy

It seems that so many people are struggling with unremitting allergy problems that it’s become almost the norm, especially during the change of seasons. And with pollen counts always so high in this area, it might be time to consider giving your Blouberg property a healthy make-over.

This has become an increasing trend overseas, especially in the USA, where many homeowners have decided to give their house a healthy make-over and turn harmful living lifestyle and choices into healthful ones. The trend to choose a better strategy for living has become popular amongst families who have kids, particularly if their kids have problems with allergy-connected health problems on an ongoing basis. Considering the great deal of time spent within and around your home, making adjustments to your living circumstances could have a significant bearing on the physical condition you and your family.

Here are some expert tips to consider to help make your property a healthier home.


Blouberg propertyWe spend up to a 3rd of our existence in bed, so it would seem the most feasible point to start off. If the occupants of a home are suffering from a runny nose or scratchy throat, dust mites might be the cause. Dust mites and mould love dampness, so keep the rooms well ventilated. This will keep the humidity levels in bedrooms less, which will moreover keep additional allergens under control.

It is suggested that bed linen be washed every week, and it is important that the water is as hot as possible, if possible, boiling. Items that are non-washable such as stuffed toys could be placed inside the freezer and frozen for a few hours. While the bedclothes are being cleaned, leave the mattress uncovered and allow it to air.

Living Rooms:

Opening windows as often as possible will allow fresh air to circulate through your living spaces to assist in clearing out allergens. Air flow throughout your property will also aid in flushing the cumulative effect of contaminants in living spaces. These come from various elements like the glue holding the carpets down, your furniture, as well as the paint on the walls. If you’re repainting, choose paints which have low- or no-VOC products in them and avoid headaches and breathing troubles.

Make sure that air conditioner filters are replaced timeously. If members of your family suffer from respiratory problems, it might be worthwhile acquiring an air purifier. A few house plants in the living areas of your home can act as a natural air filter by means of adding oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.

If energy saving or compact fluorescent lights are employed inside your house, be certain they are handled, as well as disposed of, with care. These bulbs contain mercury vapour, which can be detrimental to your health if the light bulb breaks. If you’re anxious with regards to the vapour, purchase conventional incandescent light bulbs with lower wattages.


As the centre of any Blouberg home, the kitchen is where lots of families spend a large amount of time. And if you have ever watched Kitchen CSI, you will be aware that this is where many household germs and bacteria occur. Whilst utilising standard cleaning agents eradicates the germs on your kitchen worktops, the chemicals utilised in these agents can be potentially harmful. Products that utilise harsh chemical compounds could leave behind toxins. Instead, make use of cleaning agents that are labelled environmentally friendly and are non-toxic. Some new micro-fibre mops and dust cloths may hold more dust and dirt than traditional materials and don’t need any detergents at all.

If the kitchen is the heart, then the fridge is the pulse. It’s also imperative that you replace water and ice maker filters and ensure proper upkeep. Today drinking filtered water is simpler than ever with the huge variety of products out there for house owners. Aside from the bottle filters, Blouberg home owners can fit filtration systems directly onto their taps.

When deciding on laundry products, it is better to try products that have no fragrance or are naturally fragrant. To help prevent mould from forming, do not let wet laundry lie in the washing machine for extended periods.

Making the time and the effort to make these few changes to your home will ensure a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Watch this video for a few more tips:

What do you do around your Blouberg property to help prevent allergic reactions? Share your household tips with us by commenting below.

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